April 29-May 1, 2022

Disney’s Wide World of Sports, Orlando FL



All families will be receiving their hopper passes via email.  You will then need to link that to your Disney app.  We will be picking up athlete lanyards and will hand them out at your meet times.  If you ordered any celebration or water park passes, you will need to go to registration to pick those up.  Please realize no child will be able to compete or enter ESPN Wide World of Sports without these credentials. These credentials/passes must be with athlete at all times when at Wide World of Sports.  A meeting location inside Wide World will be posted on Saturday morning once the first team arrives.  Bomb Girls – your coaches will send you a meeting location for Friday.  There will be no scheduled practices in Orlando.


An exact performance order will be posted following first rounds.  Please realize that teams must qualify to Finals on Sunday.  Below are the division times.  Please understand that your meet time will be approximately 2 hours prior to your performance.

  • Fierce 5 – Meet: 6:45am / Field: 7:19am / Warm Up: 7:49am / Perform: 8:19am – The Fieldhouse
  • Wicked  – Meet: 7:45am / Field: 8:12am / Warm Up: 8:42am / Perform: 9:12am – Arena West Green
  • Bomb Girls – Meet: 11:45am / Field: 12:19pm / Warm Up: 12:49pm / Perform: 1:19pm  – The Fieldhouse
  • Rebels – Meet: 6:00pm / Field: 6:42pm / Warm Up:  7:12pm / Perform: 7:42pm- Arena East Blue
  • Royal 5 – Meet: 5:30pm / Field: 7:04pm / Warm Up: 7:34pm / Perform: 8:04pm – The Fieldhouse
  • J-WOW – Meet: 6:30pm / Field: 7:19pm / Warm Up: 7:49pm / Perform: 8:19pm – Arena West Green


  • Fierce 5: 10:30am-11:00am – Visa Athletic Center
  • Wicked: 11:30am -12:00pm – Arena South Red
  • Bomb Girls: 4:55pm – 5:15pm – The Fieldhouse
  • Rebels: 9:00pm-9:30pm – Arena North Yellow
  • Royal 5: 9:30pm-10:00pm –  Visa Athletic Center
  • JWow: 9:30pm-10:00pm – Arena South Red