All Tumbling Classes require pre-registration and are for athletes ages 6 & up.
Open Gyms are strictly for athletes ages 7 & up.

For any questions regarding signing up for Classes, please EMAIL us today.

Class Cancellation Policies

We understand that cancellations can occur due to schedule changes, conflicts, and illness. However, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Please cancel all class spots according to our 24 hour cancellation policy. Weekend and Monday classes must be cancelled by 5:00 p.m. on Friday in order to avoid being responsible for the fee.
  • Cancelling for an illness in less than 24 hours requires a doctor’s note to avoid being responsible for the fee.
  • All cancellations MUST BE emailed to – if you send it to another email or call, you will still be responsible for the fee.
  • When cancelling a class spot, please include the athlete’s full name, and the date and time of the class in the email.
  • If you cancel without 24 hours notice, you will still be responsible for the fee going onto your portal account.



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Upcoming Friday Classes

Beginner Tumbling

No Pre-requisites – Athletes will work on back handsprings, walkovers to back handsprings, and running tumbling to back handsprings!

Day / Time: Thursdays 5pm-6pm
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Intermediate Tumbling

Pre-requisites: Front Handspring / Bounder, Standing Series Back Handsprings, Series Running Roundoff Back Handsprings – Athletes will work on airborne skills, series standing tumbling, series flipping skills, standing tucks, and series passes to a layout!

Day / Time: Mondays 5pm-6pm
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Advanced Tumbling

Pre-requisites: Front Tuck, Standing Tuck, Standing Series Back Handsprings to Tuck, Running Tumbling Combinations through to Layout – Athletes will work on twisting skills, specialty passes to twisting skills, and double fulls!

Day / Time: Mondays 6pm-7pm
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Flyer Stretch

Stretch & Flex

Open to all athletes, both Non-ECE and ECE Team Athletes, with all ability levels! Classes will work on overall mobility with a focus on drills that improve flexibility and jump execution.

Day / Time: Tuesday 5pm-6pm
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Open Gym

Our Open Gyms are open to both Non-ECE and ECE athletes of all skill levels! Our instructors will guide athletes through a warm-up and stretch, and allow them to use all equipment including Tumble Trak, Trampoline, Rod Floor, Air Track, etc! Ages 7 & up.

Days: Tuesday-Thursday (various times)
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Mini Skills Class

An hour-long class for mini aged eligible athletes – ages 6-8. This class will focus on tumbling, jumps, and some basic stunting.

Day/Time:  Thursdays 5pm-6pm
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Tiny Cheer/Tumbling

These classes are designed for athletes ages 4-6. All skill levels are welcome! Cheer class will focus on motions, jumps, flexibility, and tumbling.

Day/Time:  Wednesdays 5pm-6pm
Cost: $15 Per Class (Pre-Registration Required)

Tumble For Troops

A one-day Tumbling Clinic with our very own Casey Ballou! All proceeds from this clinic will be donated to REBUILDING WARRIORS – a non-profit that helps provide highly trained and socialized Service/Companion Dogs to Veterans diagnosed as Amputees and those with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain injury).

Day/Time: Friday, November 11th 11am-12:30pm
Cost: $25 per athlete

Flip Clinic

A one-day tumbling clinic for athletes ages 6 and up! No experience required! Coaches will be separating athletes based on skill, and will be working on drills and skills tailored to the athletes’ specific level!

Time: 12pm-2pm
Cost: $50