Private Lessons

Preregistration for Private Lessons will be required and must be paid directly to the instructor on the day of the lesson.

Cost for Private Lessons is as follows: $40 for an hour slot, unless otherwise noted, are small group private lessons and will have a maximum of 4 athletes. Levels / Age requirements for each instructor are listed under each Class Description.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policies

We understand that cancellations can occur due to schedule changes, conflicts, and illness. However, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Please cancel all lessons according to our 24 hour cancellation policy. Weekend and Monday lessons must be cancelled by 5:00 p.m. on Friday in order to avoid being responsible for the fee.
  • Cancelling for an illness in less than 24 hours requires a doctor’s note to avoid being responsible for the fee.
  • All cancellations MUST BE emailed to – if you send it to another email or call, you will still be responsible for the fee.
  • When cancelling a lesson, please include the athlete’s full name, the date and time of the lesson, and the instructor’s name in the email.
  • If you cancel without 24 hours notice, please notify the instructor and pay their fee directly to them to avoid the fee going onto your portal account.

For any questions regarding signing up for Private Lessons, please EMAIL us today.



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Brittney McCoy - Team Coach (1)

Brittney McCoy

Brittney spent 8 years cheering at East Elite and was an athlete at ECE during the first year of the merge. She started volunteering coaching for Dracut Pop Warner when she was in high school, and over the course of the 9 years she spent there, she won numerous National titles and choreography awards. Shortly after graduating high school, Brittney began coaching in our Half Year program. Around this same time, she also began doing choreography and stunt clinics with high school and youth programs. After a few years of coaching Half Year, Brittney transitioned into coaching our Full Year program. This year Brittney coaches the Wonder Girls and Fierce 5 in Tewksbury.

Casey Ballou - Tumbling Instructor (1)

Casey Ballou

Casey Ballou has coached tumbling for over 20 years. He is the head tumbling coach at East Celebrity Elite. He has been a part of numerous NCA and Summit championships and is a three-time World Champion coach. Casey does private tumbling camps throughout the U.S and all over the world, including coaching at Woodward over the summer. Casey is USASF certified in tumbling levels 1 through 6 and is knowledgeable in all aspects of tumbling. He loves to downhill mountain bike, snowboard, and anything that involves being outdoors!

Jacki Pugliese - Team Coach (1)

Jacki Pugliese

Jacki grew up and cheered for the town of Arlington while simultaneously doing All Star Cheer. When she reached high school in 2003, she volunteered to coach for her town’s Pop Warner program and when she graduated high school in 2007, she became the assistant coach at Arlington High. A few years later, she accepted her first head coach position at Medford High School while also taking on the director role for APW. In 2016 she started her journey here at ECE as a half-year coach and during the 2019/2020 season, she was the head coach at Merrimack College. Jacki is currently in her third season as a full-year coach and really enjoys working alongside her co-coaches and meeting new athletes through private lessons. Jacki is looking forward to a successful season & can’t wait to see her J2 Crew and Angels out on the mat!

Lisa Nugent - Team Coach (1)

Lisa Nugent

Lisa Nugent is a team coach and tumbling instructor at the Tewksbury location. Lisa grew up in New Hampshire and cheered at East Celebrity Elite for 10 years, where she ended up becoming a coach. Lisa moved to Tampa Florida in 2010 where she became a Gym Director at one of Brandon All Stars’ gyms. She has won several state and national titles, including a silver medal finish at The Cheerleading Worlds. Lisa attended Northern Essex Community College in New Hampshire, where she studied Special Education. Lisa currently coaches Wicked in Tewksbury.

Matt Smith - Gym Director (2)

Matt Smith

Matt is currently the Gym Director of the Tewksbury location. Matt is originally from Ohio until he moved to Massachusetts in 2016 to work for ECE. In addition to working at ECE, Matt has judged All Star Cheer for 8 seasons, and currently coaches Rebels, Royal 5, and Bombshells.

Meagan Knowles - Team Coach (1)

Meagan Knowles

Meagan worked in cardiology and endocrinology/diabetes for 5 years as a Physicians Medical Assistant before making all star cheerleading her full-time job. She has been coaching all stars for 13 years and is the current coach of Wicked, and Bomb Girls.

Michael Brady - Tumbling Instructor (1)

Michael Brady

Michael Brady is one of our tumbling instructors and has been teaching tumbling for over 20 years. Growing up in Woburn, Michael started in gymnastics before moving over to All Star Cheer. He teaches classes and works with all of our Full Year teams during their regular practice time. Michael has been an integral part of many of our NCA, Summit, and Worlds winning teams. in Tewksbury!

Pete Silletti - Team Coach (1)

Pete Silletti

Pete began his cheering career at Boston College, where he graduated in 1993 as team captain. Fresh out of college, he was hired as the coach at Framingham State College from 1993-2000. During this time, they attended NCA collegiate Nationals finishing as high as 2nd place in the all-girl division. After coaching for three years at Medford High School, which included a National Championship title, he came to ECE where he coached multiple teams including Juniors, Senior Coed and All-Girl Open 6. After stepping aside for a few years due to the birth of his two girls, Sophia and Gianna, he came back once again. Pete is excited to be back coaching Wonder Girls for the fourth consecutive season while watching his daughters compete as members of M6 Bombshells and J4 Wicked.

Sierra Boardman - Team Coach (1)

Sierra Boardman

Sierra has worked for ECE since 2008. She has worked at multiple locations throughout the years including Tewksbury, Oakdale, Central, and Londonderry. She was a NCA Head Instructor for 12 years, where she taught camps around the country. Sierra now works full-time at our Tewksbury location where she coaches Tiny Shells, M2, Fierce 5, Rebels, and JWow.

Kylee Winnett - Team Coach (1)

Kylee Winnett

Kylee began as an athlete at ECE in 2008 and has been involved in the program ever since. She began coaching for our half-year program in Londonderry before attending High Point University in North Carolina, where she continued her cheerleading career at Cheer Extreme Allstars. After graduating college in 2018, Kylee moved home and began coaching full-time at both the Tewksbury and Londonderry, NH locations. She is also a staff member and head instructor for Action Spirit, teaching camps at gyms all over the country each summer. This season, Kylee is super excited to be coaching Angels in Tewksbury, and Blackout in Londonderry.

Shayna Sullivan - Team Coach (1)

Shayna Sullivan

Shayna was first an athlete at ECE in 2012 and cheered until she graduated out of the program in 2016. She has now been coaching here at ECE for 5 years. Shayna currently coaches three teams in the gym – Tiny Shells, Cherry Bombs, and JWow.

Becca Mihai - Team Coach (1)

Rebecca Mihai

Becca started coaching in 2009 with Pop Warner and High School. In 2017, she began coaching with our Half Year program at the Tewksbury location. This season, she is thrilled to be coaching J1 Blitz, and J2 Crew in Tewksbury.